Stan Riffle

February, 2018

Stan Riffle was a good man. He was principled and courageous. He was too humble to brag about himself, his accomplishments, and his contributions, so please let our letter above from 2015 do a little bragging for him.

Back during the 2015 Fire Commissioner election, several people submitted letters of support for Stan to the All Point Bulletin that the cowardly, petty weasel editor (oh! I'm sorry, I mean the "great wit") refused to print, including this one. When Stan resigned last year, I listed some of his contributions to the Fire Department in the Fire Commissioner newsletter too.

How many people knew these things about Stan? Too few. Why was it so important to the editor of the All Point Bulletin to ignore these facts and try to hide them? Because they did not fit into his agenda against Stan, all fire commissioners, the current fire chief, and the fire department as a whole.

His refusal to publish our letter of support for Stan inspired our ongoing series of "All the news that isn't fit to print". That was one of the things Stan loved most about The Small Point Bulletin. The Small Point made him laugh, and he frequently gave us tips and suggestions. His laugh is what we will miss most, along with the big smile that lit up a room.

The treatment of Stan's public service in that other paper exemplifies the old saying that no good deed goes un-punished. Stan Riffle did plenty of good deeds for the community, and he deserved better.

Thank you, Stan, and RIP.

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