Spin and manipulation

Note 1: All quotes in the left panels are from the March 2018 issue of the All Point Bulletin.

2. The term "bang on" in this context is a slight disguised as a complement. It suggests that Willnauer was accurate but also blames him at the same time. The term "hefty" is used for its negative connotations.

3. The term "bad news" is an editorial judgment rather than an objective description. It belongs in an editorial piece, not a supposed news article.

4. The term "hunkering down" is used to emphasize the cumbersome and painful aspects of paying taxes and minimize any associated societal benefit.

5. The term "long shopping list" is used to paint the schools levy as discretionary, excessive, a wish list. In contrast, the Point Roberts parks levy and proposed library levy were never described in such a dismissive way.

6. According to the Blaine school district, the proposed capital levy adds 51 cents per $1000 of assessed value. However, scheduled tax decreases subtract 46 cents per $1000. After these scheduled decreases, the net effect of the levy would be a 5 cent increase, not 50 cents.

7. One can only wonder why the Point Roberts improvements, particularly heating and fire suppression, were left out. See Blaine schools capital levy handout.

2018 school district tax rates per $1000 assessed value:
$5.861 Nooksack Valley
$4.677 Meridian
$4.552 Bellingham
$4.325 Ferndale
$4.256 Mt. Baker
$3.829 Lynden
$2.803 Blaine

8. At The Small Point Bulletin, we fully support mandatory garbage collection.

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