The Hospital District Superintendent resigns because of family, her full time job in Vancouver, and... us?

The Small Point Bulletin apologizes for its late publication this week. We reached out to Unity Care COO Shanon Hardie to make sure she fully understood the local situation and ask who she is referring to below. She was not available until Tuesday morning. We thank her for making time to speak with us.

OK, none of this is adding up. We publish a few comics with meeting transcripts to fact-check the All Point Bulletin, none of which criticizes the Superintendent, and suddenly she resigns and Unity Care threatens to leave?

In her conversation with Shanon Hardie, Shannon Tomsen asked her who the "small group" of people were who were "undermining the clinic". Shanon Hardie said that we should know and would not provide any names, but stated that we were not them. We have never heard anyone say they don't want Unity Care or the clinic here. Are Superindendent Komusi and Unity Care reacting to something that doesn't actually exist?

Read the full transcripts of the statements by the Hospital District Superintendent and the Unity Care COO.

Is this the "small group of negative individuals" trying to "undermine the clinic" by proposing to collaborate with them to improve health services on the Point? Decide for yourself by watching the January meeting video on the new Small Point Bulletin YouTube channel.

Read the community clinic survey results at the Hospital District web site. If Unity Care says they'll stay or leave based on what the community wants, this would be the most complete evidence of the community sentiment.

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