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Follow-up from last week's analysis of the Hospital District finances

We received an email from someone who said, among other things, "As for the details on the finances, I have not gone over the material in detail and don't plan to. As the District uses tax levy funds they will be audited by the county and, I'm assuming, any discrepancies or errors will be corrected."

In fact, the state does the audits, and they do not audit the district's finances. According to the Washington State auditor's office, "The state does not conduct an audit of financial reports. It only verifies that revenues and expenditures are supported and meeting minutes are approved." You can see this for yourself at 2017 Hospital District audit.

From the office of the county auditor: "The county does not conduct audits of a taxing district."

It's worth noting that our correspondent is a commissioner for one of our other taxing districts.

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