Correcting the record... again. (Sigh)

Amount of article devoted to Commissioner Nault's resignation: 42%.

Amount of article devoted to us: 58%.

Amount of article devoted to operational issues at the district: 0% (as always).

Pat Grubb is a Creep and a Bully: An editorial by Shannon Tomsen

Pat Grubb has a very unhealthy obsession with me.

In the last year, he has written about my appearance and my clothing, and famously refers to me as a “blue footed booby” - because I wear a pair of blue shoes or because I am a woman?

When I was a Fire Commissioner, he stated that I had taken the APB “to the woodshed for a very public spanking”. Ick. What a horrible thought.

He has taken a lot of photos of me. Again, ick.

When I was appointed to the Fire Commission, he had Meg Olson email me a request for my resume. I asked if the APB had asked other recent commission appointees for their resumes. It appeared they had not. The Grubbs finally obtained the Holy Grail when he filed another one of his numerous all-encompassing records requests to the Fire District in April 2017.

He spends an inordinate amount of time detailing what I do and say at Hospital District meetings while ignoring the wealth of problems and issues faced by that district.

The point of this comic is to show that the Grubbs treat the Fire District and Fire Commissioners unfairly compared to other district commissioners - and they are commissioners, not “directors”. This past year of articles they have run in their paper, and our corrections to them, prove this over and over. Here are a few nuggets about the Hospital District. Just imagine what the headlines would be if it was the Fire District we were talking about.

Pat Grubb has staked his career to the Washington State Open Public Meetings Act. But to him, open government is a hammer to hold over the heads of public officials he doesn’t like and withhold from those he does. His fixation on “open government” is selective, self-serving, and disingenuous, as demonstrated by his differential treatment of the districts.

Pat Grubb has bullied many good people here. He sows division between us and then crowns a winner who can then do no wrong. We believe that his petty grievances and obsessions are the source of most of the dysfunction in Point Roberts. The way he’s used the Hospital District and vilified me for taking videos of public meetings is just one of many examples. In my own case, he’s added an element of sexual innuendo. That’s creepy.

One last thought. The video the Grubbs show on their website of Adam Rozyskie is mine. Grubb showed up late to the April Hospital District meeting so he was not there to see the exchange. What is more troubling is that only a bully and creep could see Rozyskie’s intentionally threatening intimidation of me as “bizarre” and try to paint the victim in a negative light. Every woman in the world should know it for what it is. Hopefully, that includes his wife Louise.

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