Oops!… He Did It Again

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau:

We offer you and your mother a profound apology for the three inexcusable letters Pat Grubb, editor of the local All Point Bulletin monthly “newspaper”, has written about and “to” your mother. Here is the most likely reason he is writing to her and not you:

Pat Grubb has a long history of writing articles and comments that insult, demean, and minimize women. To what ends? Self-aggrandizement, self-entertainment, and putting women in their place, this time at your mother's expense.

Louise Mugar, Pat Grubb’s wife, runs the paper with him, so you would think she would stop him. They have a daughter, so you would think they would treat women better.

Please do not punish our entire community for Grubb’s actions and Mugar’s inaction. We hope that their provocations do not affect the planned August 9 relaxation of essential travel rules between Point Roberts and the US mainland.

In considering whether to accept our apology, we ask that you please consider that he is from Canada. Perhaps we could send him back?

Yours sincerely,

Shannon Tomsen and Vic Riley

Small Point Bulletin

P.S. Of course, neither you nor your mother has seen the “letters”, which obviously was never the point, so here is a link to them.

P.P.S. There are many more examples of this pattern in our archives.

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