1: October 1, 2017 Gus Pratt, intrepid editor of local paper, should realize he’s biased.
2: October 1, 2017 Gus believes Fire District commissioners are capable of telepathic communications.
3: October 1, 2017 Gus whines that he now has to actually ATTEND Fire District meetings instead of just watching their videos in the comfort of his home where he does not have to interact with actual working adults.
4: October 1, 2017 Fire Chief’s salary is super fair and that’s just not fair to Gus!
5: October 1, 2017 Gus writes the longest article in his career about someone supposedly making a mountain out of a mole hill. The irony is lost on Gus.
6: October 1, 2017 A letter of admiration, Gus’s favorite form of self love.
7: October 1, 2017 Bias: ignoring what you don’t want to acknowledge. But, that does not mean it goes away in the real world.
8: October 1, 2017 Bias, bitterness, and bile - Gus’s rules to live by.
9: October 1, 2017 Gus is a selective fella - he’s been known to not print letters to the editor when he disagrees with their content or when he does not like their sender.
10: October 1, 2017 Gus takes loads of photos of former Fire Commissioner Shannon Tomsen because he’s a creep, part 1.
11: October 8, 2017 There’s room in the paper for only what Gus agrees with or likes. Funny how he’s never mentioned that the Hospital District agreed to pay over $7,000 of taxpayer money for a sign for the provider, Unity Care.
12: October 15, 2017 Gus’s well practiced recipe for assholery.
13: October 22, 2017 Gus is really an ugly person.
14: October 29, 2017 Gus in his bubble, one side only please.
15: November 5, 2017 Gus manipulates the voters.
16: November 12, 2017 Gus is not even a junior lawyer even though he plays one in his own little head.
17: November 19, 2017 Gus, step away from the open public meetings act! You don’t understand it!
18: November 26, 2017 Bias via public records requests.
19: December 3, 2017 Gus appears to really enjoy hating the Fire District.
20: December 10, 2017 The Hospital District commissioners do not understand the meaning of a ‘special meeting’ or the term ‘executive session’ and they aren’t even embarrassed! But Gus is all over the Fire District to remind them of the purpose of executive sessions.
21: December 17, 2017 The Hospital District and Unity Care are thrilled with the 1% of patients who filled out their survey. That’s 7 people out of 541. There were 8 responses. Yep.
22: December 24, 2017 Santa gets secondary.
23: December 31, 2017 Gus just does not want full coverage of things he does not want full coverage of. And, watch Meg Olson and Pat Grubb run out of Fire District meetings - it’s funny that they appear to be embarrassed by their live’s work. We’re embarrassed for them too. Run Patty, run!
24: January 7, 2018 Gus discovers that Shannon Tomsen suggested that the Hospital District survey taxpayers about why they don’t go to the clinic for which they are paying. Vic Riley wrote the questions.
25: January 14, 2018 After many months of empty promises from the Hospital District to post their agendas and minutes, Vic created a website for the Hospital District for free. No, silly goose! They did not take us up on it.
26: January 21, 2018 Clinic management prevents Bellingham doctors from using the clinic in off hours to see their patients. And the Water District loses lease to office on Tyee so we all get to see all those lovely RVs instead.
27: January 28, 2018 Remembering Ed Lester.
28: February 4, 2018 Stan Riffle. A good man who had the courage to do the right thing. RIP.
30: February 18, 2018 The Hospital District sees the Fire Department's CARES program as a threat. Guess what Gussy focuses on.
31: February 25, 2018 Gus appears thrilled that property taxes are going up because he gets to roll around in the mud of his big words and fancy phrases.
32: March 4, 2018 SMOKING GUN ALERT - Hospital District Chair Dick Williams expresses concern about keeping the clinic open due to finances. Oh ya, Superintendent Elaine Komusi resigns or is she simply jumping the sinking ship?
33: March 11, 2018 Democracy or intimidation?
34: March 18, 2018 Does the All Point Bulletin ever quote accurately? This is bias in the worst way.
35: March 25, 2018 Point Roberts Org chart, part 1.
36: April 1, 2018 Easter and April fools day occurred on the same day. You gotta admit that Gussy riding high on the bunny was cute.
37: April 8, 2018 Adam Rozyskie is a bully and a liar. Just watch the video for proof. And Hospital District commissioner Robin Nault jumps the sinking ship resigns. And Shannon asked Chair Dick Williams to go over their budget several times. No, no one has ever responded to that request.
38: April 15, 2018 The Hospital District’s finances are very scary! And, why so little savings after Virginia Lester left?
39: April 22, 2018 Proof that almost no one reads the All Point Bulletin.
40: April 29, 2018 Pat Grubb is a creep and bully, part 2: An editorial by Shannon Tomsen.
41: May 6, 2018 New Hospital District commissioner appointed. The commission even let the Unity Care employee sit in on the executive session! Now there’s something to report on, Gus.
42: May 13, 2018 Point Roberts Org chart, part 2.
43: May 20, 2018 Among other things, proof that outgoing Hospital District Superintendent Elaine Komusi has violated the public trust.
44: May 27, 2018 Gus is upset because someone (could it be us? we’re blushing!) is using his own tricks against him.
45: June 3, 2018 Free ads!
46: June 10, 2018 Gus just can't help himself.
47: June 17, 2018 The Fire District collaborates. The Hospital District doesn't.
48: June 24, 2018 Statistics are useful. The Hospital District should understand them better.
49: July 1, 2018 We demand that outgoing Hospital District Superintendent Elaine Komusi stop lying about us.
50: July 8, 2018 Our analysis of the Hospital District community survey results.
51: July 15, 2018 The Unity Care resolution to leave Point Roberts, annotated.
52: July 22, 2018 Our guide to the 2018 Washington State US Senate primary candidates.
53: July 29, 2018 Our suggestion for a new dock at Lighthouse Park.
54: August 5, 2018 The Washington State primary races: the Best of the Rest.
55: August 12, 2018 Why did it take a Whatcom County Sheriff deputy many hours to respond to the break-in at Auntie Pam's Country Store? We had a few theories.
56: August 19, 2018 We have some questions about Sheriff coverage in Point Roberts. The Whatcom County Sheriff's office answers them.
57: August 26, 2018 It didn't happen if it didn't happen to me: A three-act drama on NextDoor about the clinic.
58: August 31, 2018 The Hospital District blames us for their own incompetence.
59: September 9, 2018 Why Unity Care is leaving, in their own words. With our translation.
60: September 16, 2018 Everyone wants to pay the Parks District for their worthless cell tower lease.
61: September 23, 2018 Our short guide to the Washington State Public Records Act.
62: September 30, 2018 The Hospital District finds a new provider that offers expanded days of service, care by actual doctors, and urgent care.
63: October 7, 2018 A philosopher crosses the border.
64: October 14, 2018 Brett Kavanaugh joins the US Supreme Court.
65: October 21, 2018 Point Roberts tourist attractions and traffic bottlenecks.
66: October 28, 2018 Our immodest proposal for a small change to the Breakwaters sign.
67: November 4, 2018 Garbage in PR.
68: November 11, 2018 The Washington Newspaper Publishers Association awards.
69: November 18, 2018 Outdoor shopping in Point Roberts!
70: November 25, 2018 Electric ferry service announced for Point Roberts.
71: December 1, 2018 Exclusive scoops from The Small Point Bulletin.
72: December 9, 2018 Yet another Point Roberts org chart: the Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee.
73: December 16, 2018 More on the PRCAC and a correction.
74: December 23, 2018 We review the latest holiday albums.
75: December 30, 2018 The Year in Review, Part 1.
76: January 6, 2019 Why did bids for the Water District's new facility come in so high? We have the answers.
77: January 13, 2019 The clinic (and the Hospital District) is under new management.
78: January 20, 2019 Trump's sons announce end of government shutdown.
79: January 27, 2019 The Point Roberts Organizational Chart, updated (again).
80: February 3, 2019 TBD.
81: February 10, 2019 The Point Roberts Press is not a local business.
82: February 17, 2019 The Town of Point Roberts, Part 1: taxes.
83: February 24, 2019 The Great Outdoors Furniture Mart expands into fitness equipment.
84: March 3, 2019 Dr. Sean Bozorgzadeh, co-founder of Supertrack Urgent Care, speaks at the Circle of Care annual meeting.
85: March 10, 2019 A visual guide to the Point Roberts Special District.
86: March 17, 2019 The Town of Point Roberts, Part 2: expenditures.
87: March 24, 2019 The Town of Point Roberts, Part 3: Law and Justice.
88: March 31, 2019 Pacifiers extend lifespan.
89: April 7, 2019 A few missing pieces. Plus, the Meg-O-Meter!
90: April 14, 2019 The most petty man in Point Roberts visits the happiest country on earth.
91: April 21, 2019 Run!
92: April 28, 2019 Whatcom County Executive Jack Louws announces full funding for Lighthouse Park.
93: May 5, 2019 The final installment of the Town of Point Roberts series.
94: May 12, 2019 Old news.
95: May 19, 2019 The Point Roberts Org Chart, 2019 fall election edition.
96: May 26, 2019 Why can't Pat Grubb get the fall election details right?
97: June 2, 2019 The end is near.
98: June 9, 2019 The Glee Club.
100: March 1, 2020 The Point Roberts Purchase.
101: August 12, 2020 The Hospital District considers changing providers.
102: September 19, 2020 New on-demand air shuttle service to the US mainland.
103: October 6, 2020 Exclusive offer: Trump Tower at the Marina.
104: April 9, 2021 Canada announces border wall at Point Roberts.
105: July 5, 2021 We have a theory about the Marketplace "closing".
106: August 1, 2021 We apologize for Pat Grubb's "open letters" to Margaret Trudeau.
107: August 8, 2021 Explaining the "jokes" in Pat Grubb's three "open letters" to Margaret Trudeau.
108: August 15, 2021 ArriveCAN'T.
109: August 22, 2021 Buy local?
110: August 29, 2021 Point Blank
111: September 5, 2021 The National Geographic expedition to Point Roberts.
112: September 19, 2021 Point Roberts without Canadians.
113: September 27, 2021 Future headlines.
114: October 3, 2021 Historic Lighthouse Park t-shirts.
115: October 10, 2021 An open letter to Whatcom County Parks and Recreation. (Hint: Historic Lighthouse Park merchandise available for purchase!)
116: October 17, 2021 Coming soon: grand re-opening!
117: October 24, 2021 Backdoor: the antisocial network.
118: October 31, 2021 Trick or treat!
119: November 7, 2021 Getting back to normal.
120: November 14, 2021 The biggest hurdle.
121: November 21, 2021 What's in a name?
122: November 28, 2021 Just in time....
123: December 24, 2021 Santa comes to Canada.
124: January 3, 2022 New sign at the Point Roberts Post Office.
125: January 9, 2022 Explaining the rationale behind Whatcom County's snow plowing priorities for Point Roberts.