Garbage in PR

Comments from NextDoor:

Person 1: "I have been looking at and for garbage everywhere I go the last few months. Point Roberts doesn’t have a lot of garbage that isn’t making it to the dump."

Person 2: "There is not much garbage on our street. Could be because we have very few curbside pick ups."

Person 3: "People keep dancing around this issue, but bottom line is that everyone will be paying for a service that the majority of tax payers will not make any use of."

Yes. That's exactly the problem. Not enough people are using the service.

105 of these pictures were taken on just four roads on a recent Friday afternoon over about an hour. All were taken within a single week. The largest concentrations of trash were on unpopulated stretches of road, away from houses.

If more people used the service, fewer people would use the roadsides.

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