Imagine a tiny world suspended between sea and sky and between two bordering nations. Imagine a people caught behind closed borders, forced to fend for themselves against an uncaring world.

Join us for this unique National Geographic Expedition to Point Roberts. You'll be escorted by a team of expert geographers and cultural anthropologists to observe the natives and hear about their strange way of life.

See amazing and mysterious wonders such as:

The Point Roberts Totem Pole

The unique Point Roberts take on the iconic Pacific Northwest totem pole suggests a native worship of flying saucers.

The Point Roberts Astronomical Monument

At the Point Roberts counterpart to Stonehenge, the alignment of this ancient metal plank embedded in the beach with three partially-submerged boulders points to the exact location of sunrise on October 14 of every year. The historical significance of this date is one of the many local mysteries.

The Point Roberts Marching Sticks

This deliberately aligned series of pointed sticks marches into the Georgia Strait from the western shore. No one knows why, but some think it may commemorate an historic exodus from the island after a tribal conflict, famine, or previous border closure.

This unique opportunity to visit this unique land is only available to a limited number of fortunate individuals. Current travel restrictions mean that the National Geographic Expedition is the only means of experiencing this solitary and isolated society.

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