This week, the hottest topic on Nextdoor, with almost 40 posts and about 3800 words as of Saturday afternoon, concerns the dock at Lighthouse Park. The county has removed it to inspect it for failures, and people are raising concerns about its construction and durability. And the question was raised about whether building a new one could be paid for out of TBD (Transportation Benefit District) funds:

Pat Grubb, Point RobertsĀ·3d ago

Perhaps PRCAC should consider whether a pier can be considered a transportation infrastructure project and, if so, can TBD funds be used for it.

Arthur Reber, Point RobertsĀ·3d ago:

The idea of using TBD funds for a dock was tried and shot down on the grounds that it didn't go anywhere ... that is, if we had a ferry or water taxi that used the dock to go "somewhere" then it would be part of the county transportation system and TBD funds could be used. But it's not. So, "no" was the answer.

Over the past few months, in addition to replacing the dock, there have been many proposals for what to do with the TBD funds, including using them to maintain the "flower beds" on Tyee or replacing intersections with traffic circles.

We have a suggestion that we think will satisfy everyone:

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