The Small Point Bulletin Guide to the Washington State US Senate Candidates

You can find our coverage of the Hospital District's community survey results here.

Wondering how to sort through the twenty-eight (!) candidates vying to replace Maria Cantwell in the US Senate? Wonder no more - the Small Point Bulletin has you covered! As a public service, we've read through the Whatcom County Official Local Voters' Pamphlet so you don't have to. Here are some of the highlights, all of which are actual quotes, including the typos.

Thor Amundson

(Prefers Independent Party)

Elected Experience: None.

Other Professional Experience: None.

Community Service: Running for office.

Statement (excerpt): I am backed by %100 of Orca.

Dave Strider

(Prefers Independent Party)

Education: “education doesn't make the man... it is what the man has done with what he has learned, that makes him a man. Does he walk in what is true? If he does then all he says and lives becomes a path others may follow.”

Community Service: Cannabis, support repeal and restorations. I have had access over 40 years, first person in the military, second person in the Nation since 1978.


(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: I, freemarket Goodspaceguy, was electorally defeated 18 times. (The poverty of the big spenders' Command Economy continues!)

Statement (excerpt): I, Goodspaceguy, predict the prosperous future in space will come through orbital space colonization around our Spaceship Earth. Let's start with small habitats, perhaps privately owned by billionaires. Let's join small habitats together into orbiting, international villages as the cheapest places to learn how to live in space.

Brad Chase

(Prefers FDFR Party)

Elected Experience: None.

For More Information:

Matthew D. Heines

(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: None, yet.

Other Professional Experience (excerpt): Author: My Year in Oman, Another Year in Oman...

Statement (excerpt): Like you, I don't trust anyone to go to Washington D.C.

Charlie R Jackson

(Prefers Independent Party)

Education: School of Hard Knocks; University of Life

Alex Tsimerman

(Prefers StandupAmerica Party)

Elected Experience: None.

Other Professional Experience: Business, Business consultant and Caregiver for my mother.

Community Service: Speaking over 1600 times in many council chambers about local government corruption and to restore our right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Alex Tismerman speaks in council chambers to stop Seattle & King County who suck blood and money from us which goes to government & corporations. StandUP America and join him!

Statement (excerpt): Stop Seattle fascism with idiotic face!

I, Alex Tsimerman, speak to all Washingtonians stop Seattle emerald degenerate super smart freaking idiot, who bring Seattle to number One Fascist City in America with Nazi Social Democrat Mafia with progressive Gestapo principle. That always choose dirty garbage rats that drink from fat cat toilet and who make your life miserable and brought us to total collapse. Enough is Enough.

RC Smith

(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: US Army Reserve Electrician. US Navy and FAA Air Traffic Controller. Atomic veteran descendant (Nagasaki).

Other Professional Experience: Tacit knowledge of biological effects of electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic field interactions with the human body, the effect of microwaves on the central nervous system, and constitutional and human rights violations by ubiquitous imposition of toxic agents into the environment and health of nations.

Community Service: Mother of three educated, self-supporting children.

George H. Kalberer

(Prefers Democratic Party)

Elected Experience: No information submitted.

Community Service: No information submitted.

Statement (excerpt): George H. Kalberer believe in the sacred value of human life...

I support the Armed Forces of the United States and their principles,. and strategic vision pursuant to General Douglas MacArthur's, “Reminiscences.” Specifically:

North Korea- Kick Jung's Ass with 30,000 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles. China - Kick Xi Jinping's Ass, by Blockading, then Conquering China by firing the necessary number of Tomahawk Cruise Missiles to destroy all Nuclear Targets, all Air Defense Targets, all Military Targets including each and every Chinese ship, submarine and airplane launched from a safe distance with a goal of no loss of American Life and with no US ground troops used until after China's Unconditional Surrender.

James Robert “Jimmie” Deal

(Prefers Green Party)

Elected Experience: I have previously run for Lynnwood City Council, Snohomish County Executive, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor.

Other Professional Experience: Real estate attorney and broker. Smart meter, fluoridation, and environmental class action attorney. Author, musician, and composer.

Community Service: President of Coalition against Smart Meters and 5G, Fluoride Class Action, and Comprehensive Transportation. Traffic and transit scholar. Opponent of smart meters, which are not grounded, are not sufficiently surge protected, catch fire, sicken many, are not covered by many insurance policies, and constantly emit harmful radiation.

Statement (excerpt): The new 5G will fry us all.

Jon Butler

(Prefers Independent Party)

Elected Experience: 7 Years Avocate Family Court Reform, 7 Years Avocate Family Law Reform, 7 Years Avocate Parental Alienation Syndorme, Founder of Single Father's Association of America

Other Professional Experience: General Contractor, I do most of the work myself. Apprenticed under Mark Bentley and Hip Hop Robot Tattoo and Piercing, Apprenticing under Justin Tyme at All About It: Tattoo.

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