The Small Point Bulletin Guide to the Washington State US Primary Candidates: The Best of the Rest

Two weeks ago, we covered the Washington State primary candidates for US Senate. This week, we present the best of the candidates for the other races. Don't forget to have your ballots in by August 7 so your votes for these fine candidates count. As before, all statements are reproduced verbatim, including typos.

Congressional District 1 - U.S. Representative - Partisan Office - 2 Year Term

Robert Mair

(States No Party Preference)

Community Service: I show up when called to protest

Congressional District 2 - U.S. Representative - Partisan Office - 2 Year Term

Uncle Mover

(Prefers Moderate GOP Party)

Education: Highschool, three yars college.

Statement (excerpt): First, is there an Alien presence on the planet? do we co-exist with other alien species (E.T.)? When you think about it, what are the real ‘black hole' budgets for NASA, covert space programs and the CIA? Frankly, you won't find the answer on the internet.

Legislative District 40 - State Representative Position 1 - Partisan Office - 2 Year Term

Daniel Miller

(Prefers Republican Party)

Other Professional Experience: Has worked at care giving (Dinners).

Community Service: Community Thanksgiving Dinners as well as other dinners.

Legislative District 42 - State Representative Position 1 - Partisan Office - 2 Year Term

Dean Berkeley

(Prefers Republican Party)

Statement (excerpt): Reintroduce cursive writing to our school districts. I am concerned our children will not be able to read the constitution of this great nation and understand their rights and freedoms.

Legislative District 42 - State Representative Position 2 - Partisan Office - 2 Year Term

Vincent Buys

(Prefers Republican Party)

Statement (excerpt): I am honored to have served the last eight years as your Representative in Whatcom County. I have worked hard to provide effective leadership and understand the needs and values we all share. I have fought to protect your property rights, strengthen our local businesses and communities, and have been an outspoken advocate for agricultural. I have supported legislation to reduce burdensome regulations, provide increased economic opportunities, and protect victims of sexual violence. I will continue, with your support, to be a leader who prioritizes the needs of Whatcom County and ensures that your voice is heard in Olympia.

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