Whatcom County Announces Improvements to Lighthouse Park

by Gus Pratt

Whatcom County Executive Jack Louws made a surprise announcement to the residents gathered at the Voters Association meeting on April 4: the county will fully fund new improvements and amenities at Lighthouse Park.

"We want you to know that we've heard you, Point Roberts. We've heard how much you love Lighthouse Park. We've heard how disappointed you were when we pulled the dock out. We've heard your complaints about the new boardwalk. We've heard your concerns about the trend of diminishing amenities at the park."

Louws said the challenge has been funding. "Speaking frankly, we just haven't had the money to give you everything you want," he said.

But after many meetings with county staff, he explained that a new funding strategy was developed. "We reached out to some of the greatest brands in the world, asking if they'd consider sponsoring improvements at the park, and we were very gratified with the interest we received. I think you'll be very happy with the results."

"First, we know that many of you have complained about the conditions on the new boardwalk, that the lack of wind breaks makes the boardwalk cold and unpleasant almost year round. I think you'll be pleased to hear that Home Depot has generously agreed to provide patio heaters to keep you warm, even on the harshest of days."

The Home Depot patio heaters at the Lighthouse Park boardwalk.
Whatcom County Executive Jack Louws presents the Lighthouse Park corporate sponsorship program at the Voters Association meeting on April 4.

"And we know that many of you miss the whale-watching platform. Well, your wait for a new one is over. Canon has agreed to sponsor the construction of a new one, since nothing beats a Canon EOS Mark IV with a 600 mm zoom lens for taking great whale pictures."

The new Canon whale watching platform at Lighthouse Park.

"And now, the dock. And who better to sponsor a completely new dock than... Dockers?"

The new Dockers Dock at Lighthouse Park.

"The new Dockers Dock will feature an ever-changing, seasonal selection of new Dockers fashions. Whether it's a new dock or new clothes, Dockers has you covered!"

"And finally, last but not least, the icing on the cake. What would Lighthouse Park be without a lighthouse? We are so fortunate to have Philips, the world's leading maker of lighting products, sponsor the Point Roberts Philips LED Light House. The Light House will be a world-class showcase of new energy-efficient lighting products from Philips. From the sconces in the entry to the chandeliers in the stairwell to the one hundred fifteen thousand candle-power beacon with Fresnel lens at the top, the Philips Light House will amaze you with the historic-seeming structure and the modern lighting selections to fit any lifestyle."

The new Philips Light House at Lighthouse Park.

"I hope you're as tickled as I am to welcome these great brands to your community. Oh, yes, there is one more thing. To help support the ongoing maintenance at the park, the park will now be referred to as the Ocean Spray Lighthouse Marine Park."

The Ocean Spray logo now adorns the sign at the park entrance.

"New vending machines with delicious Ocean Spray beverages will now be located in convenient places around the park. And some of you will be very happy to hear that, since these vending machines need power, there will now also be power outlets for the Wackie Walkers' coffee makers."

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