The Point Roberts Purchase

From this month's All Point Bulletin:

Former Point Roberts resident John Lesow is pushing for a county-wide advisory vote on whether the United States should talk to Canada about buying Point Roberts.

Lesow intends to gather 8,800 signatures from Whatcom County voters, enough to get a question on the November 2020 ballot: Do voters wish for the governments of the United States and Canada to enter into consultation for the purchase of Point Roberts by Canada?

We have a couple of other proposals.

Plan A:

The US government takes over Highway 99 between the Blaine border and Highway 17, Highway 17 from 99 to 56 Street, and 56 Street south from 17 to the Point Roberts border. The US government builds walls along each of the roadways to keep the Canadians out.

Plan B:

The US takes over all land west and south of 99 from the Blaine border to the ferry terminal. This would allow people living in White Rock, “South” Surrey, Delta, and Tsawwassen to become Americans!

Look at all the other benefits of this option:

Now that's an economic development plan!