Well, THAT didn't take long!

The last time the Hospital District looked for a different provider was 2011:

Since then, the District has tolerated a provider (Unity Care) that required prospective patients to designate a nurse practitioner as their primary care provider, preferentially served established primary care patients, failed to meet the community's need for urgent care, and had lost the confidence of many patients. We believe the District tolerated this because they were willfully blind to Unity Care's shortcomings and their worst fear was that Unity Care would leave.

We also believe Unity Care knew this. Unity Care COO Shanon Hardie at the March 2018 Hospital District meeting:

"We’re here because this was started ten years ago and if we leave, to my knowledge, there is no one who has shown any interest in being there. Which means the rest of the community will not have services."

But then in July 2018, Unity Care announced their decision to leave Point Roberts.

On the front page of the September 2018 edition of the All Point Bulletin (below the fold, because apparently pot is more important):

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