Things have been pretty neighborly on the Point Roberts Nextdoor site lately. Maybe it's because all the troublemakers have moved on to

Neighbors dissing neighbors

If your Nextdoor neighbors don’t share your high standards, or you’re too generous with your opinions for their taste, you might be ready to step up to Backdoor, the new social network from the creators of Nextdoor.

If Nextdoor is the front porch where you wave a cheery “Hello!” to your neighbors and lend a helping hand from time to time, Backdoor is the kitchen table where you gossip, grouse, and gripe about them behind their backs.

Backdoor is the go-to social network for:

Backhanded complements

You'll enjoy sharing fun activities with your neighbors such as:

Join special-interest social groups such as:

Engage in thoughtful, stimulating discussions with like-minded neighbors on such topics as:

Special features:

Take the Work out of Fully Expressing yourself with our Intelligent Capitalization feature. This Unique Artificial Intelligence Feature ANALYZES your posts and Adds that SPECIAL EMPHASIS Automatically, with just enough Randomness to keep things INTERESTING! Furthermore, our Executive Club members also have exclusive access to a proprietery spell-checker to ensure that the right number of words in their posts are appropriatly mispelled, just to add that crucial touch of authentisity.

Prohibited activities:

Cancel culture
Cancel culture
Cancel culture

Act now and get our free Backdoor emoji kit, including:

Backdoor: The Antisocial Network