Point Roberts Lighthouse Park Historical T-Shirts

Celebrate the historical beauty of our own Lighthouse Park with our exclusive Point Roberts Lighthouse Park t-shirts!

Show the world the historic namesake lighthouse at Lighthouse Park. Few communities can boast such a classical, picturesque lighthouse. The installation of this impressive structure dates all the way back to when sea-going vessels navigated with nothing but GPS and electronic maps to guide them.

Nothing demonstrates Point Roberts quality better than the historic dock at Lighthouse Park! Built for the ages, it stood for almost a full year before finally succumbing to the harsh elements. The historic ruins can still be seen today.

Commemorate the historic wind tunnel at Lighthouse Park, perfectly situated to capture and channel the prevailing winds from the Georgia Strait down the boardwalk and through the picnic areas. This impressive and unique facility has hosted countless experiments to test the dynamic wind loads on various hats and picnic foods.

Point Roberts Lighthouse Park historical T-shirts: Greet a National Geographic Expedition cruise ship visitor with one today!