Point Blank

With small, independent local papers dying all over, we are lucky that our tiny, isolated community still has a monthly newspaper dedicated to local issues - the All Point Bulletin (APB). Like all good newspapers, the APB takes seriously their responsibility to provide accurate and timely information to the community of important changes that affect us all.

The publishers of the APB know that we are a community rocked by rapidly changing policies and rules. They are sensitive to how every minor change can have big impacts on our daily lives and even on whether we can continue to live here. The residents and Canadian cabin owners depend on the APB to be THE reliable, trusted, and authoritative source of important local information.

Here at the Small Point Bulletin, we're not above a little plagiarism when appropriate. So, we are gleefully setting aside our differences and republishing all of the articles from the recently published September All Point Bulletin regarding how the border changes from August 9 will affect us. This will ensure the broadest community benefits from the hard work of our local newspaper publishers on the ever-evolving border situation, the biggest and most impactful story for Point Roberts in a generation. They continue to pound the pavement and work the phones to the bone so neither you nor we have to.

Without further adieu, here is their deep investigative report on the latest border changes:

And their clear and useful explanation of what those changes mean for travel to and from Point Roberts:

Here, in full, is their informative guide on how Point Roberts habitual residents should fill out ArriveCAN, including step by step graphics for both app and web users:

And their explanation of what "habitual resident" means:

Here's the latest crucial information on how the International Marketplace is doing:

This is their roundup on the other local businesses, services, and restaurants:

Here's what they have on the latest efforts at the state and federal levels to assist us:

Here are their resources for Canadian owners:

And their handy contacts list for contacting your local, state, and federal representatives to advocate for Point Roberts:

The Small Point Bulletin extends our deepest thanks and appreciation for the valuable service performed by the All Point Bulletin to the Point Roberts community. Journalism of this quality and relevance to the community would be a strong contender for a Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting: "For a distinguished example of coverage of significant issues of local or statewide concern, demonstrating originality and community connection, using any available journalistic tool....".