The Hospital District blames us for their own incompetence

From the Washington Administrative Code: "No duty to create records. An agency is not obligated to create a new record to satisfy a records request."

Click or touch here for the Municipal Resources & Services Center

Click or touch here for the Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts

Click or touch here for Shannon's "voluminous" public records requests for documents they should have already had readily at hand.

The Hospital District has complained repeatedly about "duplicate requests". Here they are, in full:

Hi Elaine - Would you please send me the minutes from the HD’s March, April, and May meetings? If you prefer that I make a formal records request, let me know. Thanks, Shannon Tomsen

Click or touch here for one of Pat Grubb's public records requests to the Fire District.

A tip of the hat to Arthur Reber for tipping his hand, even though he refuses to believe empirical evidence.

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